Homemade Soft Pretzels

Are you looking for something to nibble? Try these Homemade Soft Pretzels. They remind me the school time when,¬†on the way back from school we were stopping almost everyday to get the dose :-). Imagine the “joy” of our parents during the dinner time ūüôā

We start from a dough as source of our Homemade Soft Pretzels. We did ours on the Moulinex Uno breadmaker but you can use any Breadmakers or even go for a manual dough.

Once the dough is ready, you will need to create the shapes, boil the Pretzels and cook them. Boiling the Pretzels in water with sodium bicarbonate will give them the softness inside and the crunchy outside.


Dairy Free Soft PretzelDaify Free Homemade PretzelDairy Free Homemade Soft PretzelDairy Free Homemade Soft PretzelDairy Free Homemade Soft PretzelDairy Free Homemade Soft Pretzel


  • Dough:
  • 1 lb / 480g flour¬†T55 (depending on the flour, the quantity of water needed varies)
  • 0.5 lb / 240 ml water
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon¬†yeast (flaked dried type)
  • Preparation:
  • 1 ounce / 30 g sodium bicarbonate
  • coarse salt
  • poppy seeds
  • sesame seeds


  1. Make the dough and let it grow to have a good fluffy appearance.
  2. Get a small part of the dough and roll it until it will be a finger thick.
  3. Fit the backing paper on a tray and keep it handy as you will need to store the Pretzels there.
  4. Form the Pretzels as shown in the pictures above and put them on the tray.
  5. Prepare the oven by pre-heating to 400¬įF (200¬įC)
  6. Pour the Sodium Bicarbonate in¬†the boiling water and boil each¬†Pretzel, one by one, for 1 minute. Don’t worry on they appearance once getting out of boiling. They will look just perfect after cooking.
  7. Put each Pretzel back on the tray and season it while still hot and wet, with the coarse salt and any other topping you like: poppy, sesame seeds, etc.
  8. Put the Homemade Soft Pretzels in the oven for 20 Р25 min.

Enjoy the Homemade Soft Pretzels with all the family and friends.

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